Import a spreadsheet and turn it into a Glide / Google sheet

I am currently getting spreadsheets as excel or google sheets. I then make sure they are the correct format header-wise such as getting rid of excess headings I don’t need and making sure all the rows have all the data required in all the fields (like end-user name associated with account).

I then copy these into a master google sheet which is used by Glide.

I would like to automate this data sanitization (getting the SS and ensuring it is formatted correctly then appending it to the master list). I am not sure this can be done inside of Glide.

If it has to be done in a google sheet then I need script it.

Has anyone done this (automatically cleaned up multiple sheets based on their headers to align the data set properly and then append to a master spreadsheet)?

Thoughts? Recommendations?


If you can derive a logic for what should be considered “excess headings” then you might get a chance to do it.

The same for “the rows having all the required data”.

I also assume you have to do this for different Sheets, so that’s gonna be a huge flow.