Images not showing iPhone

Images not showing in iPhone but showing on android. The source of the images from Google Drive.

Can we have a link to test, and are you previewing as the same user in both devices?

Do you have the Google drive images publicly shared? May be working on Android if the device is logged into the same Google account.

In both andriod and IOS, account is logged from same email

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about logging into the app. I’m talking about the account on the device itself. For example android devices are usually attached to a google account. I image IOS devices are attached to Apple ID account. When I’m on my android device, I can open google drive or google maps or any google service and I am automatically signed in because my device is attached to that account. What I’m saying is that if your device is attached to the same account you are using to store your images, then that may explain why they are only showing on android devices. That is why I ask if you have publicly shared the images in your google drive so they are accessible to any user that is not signed into YOUR google account. If you have a url it would be easy for the rest of us to verify. Also you can try to open the image url in incognito mode to see if it opens when you are not signed into your google account on the device.

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