Images display randomly using Cloudinary

Hi All,
Have been following @Robert_Petitto 's awesome series on Gamifying your glide app and have been mostly successful (especially for a beginner…!)

We have a judo-like belt ranking system for some of the folks that do our courses, so I am trying to display the user’s belt rank and colour around their profile image. The belt image overlay and the chart seem to work great (and consistently) but the user’s profile pic sometimes displays correctly and sometimes just doesn’t.

I thought it was because the dimensions of the image needed to be smaller than, or match the cloudinary dimensions, as well as finding in my testing that PNGs seemed to be working more reliably than jpgs. But then my partner did some testing too and just found it was a bit more random.

Here is a video he made showing his testing and results

Has anyone seen anything similar? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, Sam :slight_smile:

I can’t access that Loom link. Can you check again?

Apologies here it is again - hope you can access it Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Try this:



Thank you @Robert_Petitto I’ve taken out the Y co-ordinate and put in “bottom left” instead and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help! :star_struck:

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