Using Radial charts and some images stay blank?


As you can see from the screenshot below, I have used an overlay avatar for my profile picture. I am stumped as to why some peoples profile pictures do not work. If I click on the radial chat URL it is perfect and I can see the radial chart around the image, but as soon as I click on the overlay URL that shows their rank the profile picture does not pull through. And when I check the URL it is just the radial chart and overlay with a blank image.
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 11.58.03

It looks like you might be using my video as the basis for this? I put out a followup video that might address this issue:


I did watch that video and put in all the relations but still having an issue.
Video link

Are all images being hosted in Glide? If images are hosted anywhere else (especially Google Drive), it may not work.

I think I fixed it. I had made an error with the if than else! Sorry about that. Thanks for responding

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