Image Picker URL not linking with row

I recently added image picker to a attendee listing of people. I have a default photo from an external source for most people and that is working fine.

I wanted to add the option for people to update their file photo or add a new photo if they do not have a stored photo. I added the image picker field referencing the same field with the existing URL.

It let’s me upload my new photo as expected. the new URL is posted to my linked google sheet. However, when I close the app and come back later, the photo I uploaded has been associated with a totally different attendee. I tried adding ROW ID’s and that did not solve the problem.

I am at a loss to explain how / why the uploaded photo gets moved to a different attendee. any suggestions?

How do you assign the default image, is it via a template column, a single value or an arrayformula?

so after thinking about it, i think part of my problem is the process i use:

  1. i use importrange to pull registrations from our website
  2. i then use a formula to generate a URL based on the registrants / spouse names to pull photo from our member photo library (i.e. https://…/Pictures/Member%20Photos/Pollock,%20Kim%20_%20Shelly.JPG)
  3. That is the default photo that is displayed (if there is one).
  4. I added an image picker field from glide to update that field if attendees wanted to replace their default photo
  5. that works initially. however there is not a firm link between the uploaded photo and the record that it was linked to. when the registrants change (new / cancels), the uploaded photo randomly moves to another record.
  6. for now, i have removed the picker. it would have been nice to have.
  7. here is my app -

So you are using an array formula to assign an initial image?

no - individual formulas in each cell.

You can let the users add the image to another column I think. Then have an If Then Else column, if uploaded image is empty then default image, else uploaded image.

i can try that. will the uploaded image stay “linked” with the row that it was uploaded to even though that row is generated by an importrange and could change?

I would not recommend using importrange if the order of the rows can change.

I would suggest you using the native user profiles set up inside Glide.

I was afraid that’s what the answer would be. Unfortunately we use our website for people to register for our event and there is a lot more information and money collected from our website. The app is just mirroring the registrations that we pull from the website. I’ll just not use the image picker feature for now.

Thanks for the help!