Image from URL is not showing

I am trying to get an image from a URL to show in my app made in GlideApps, but it is not showing.
For my app, I am using the website ‘Dice Bear’ to generate an avatar from initials.
In my app, the URL is constructed from the original URL, plus the name of the user.
The URL is correct.
If I copy and paste the constructed URL in my browser, it is showing the generated avatar.
But if I use the same URL in the image component and say image from URL, it is giving an empty/white image.
This is the URL;
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong here?
Or maybe someone has a site that would work?
I don’t know if it is important to mention, but I am using the free plan.
Thanks for all your help.

try this:

I suspect that the image component doesn’t support SVG format.


It is working.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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