Image Effect

Hello there.
I have a collumn with images, my question would be if is possible to change it to gray or vice-versa.
If it’s possible how would you do it?

Do you mean you want to conditionally show an alternative (blank) image?

You could use the Image from Colour plugin to generate a blank image, and then create an if-then-else column to determine whether to show the original image or the blank image.


Thanks for the reply @Darren_Murphy.
I really wanted to keep the same image but with a blur effect over it and also make the photo black and white.
Is it possible?

You might be able to get close to what you need with the Adjust Colour plugin. If that’s not good enough, then I think your next best option would be Cloudinary.


Yep use Cloudinary:



Really wish there could be a “Cloudinary plugin” or something with image effects directly inside Glide. Set blur strength, color, etc. Would be a really cool addition!


Thanks @Robert_Petitto, @kyleheney and @Darren_Murphy.
Cloudinary was the solution i was hopping for.
Thanks for the help

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@Darren_Murphy , @kyleheney , @Robert_Petitto !!
It works fine on computer, but if I use it on the phone… it does not change at all. What is not working?

Can you send us a link to test?

Working for me on MacOS.

Working on iOS as well.

Also working on Android for me.

Hi @ThinhDinh
It works fine on a pc… but if I try on a phone it does not work… it stay as static, without change.

Do you mean when you switch the choices the inline list doesn’t change or do you mean the image doesn’t convert to grayscale?

I mean when you click on the images… it does not change to “not gray” ones.
It is fine on a computer, but on my phone it stay stactic.

What action do you attach to those? I’m not able to change anything on the computer as well.

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The basics is:

  • IF SIDE(NUMBER/user-specific) IS 2
    • INCREMENT -1
  • IF SIDE(NUMBER/user-specific) IS 1

1 Is for colored image
2 Is for gray image

I have a column with the original image link.
Also a Template column, it replace its strings from column image.

If these setup i can manage how images are placed in the app.

When Item is not selected, is “GRAY”

When Item is selected, is “COLORED”

  • Action behind it.

The problem is that none of this works on my phone, it stay unselected(GRAY). I dont know why !!