Color and size selection in an e-commerce app

Dear Gliders,

I’ve always enjoyed what we do and achieve together through this great Glide tool. We take on challenges every day and the challenge I’m currently taking on is that of an E-Commerce app where I’ll need you to help me with the color and size selection part.

Have any of the community members already faced this problem and how did they solve it? Users are able to choose color and size. This changes the color of the article or makes the article appear with the desired color. Attached is my screenshot.

Sounds like an ideal use case for e_colorize in Cloudinary, but I haven’t tried it myself so please let us know if you can test it.


Im building something similar in my app,
what im doing is that i put all my images in an array and with a single value column to display the right image based on the value (color, size) that you choose.

I don’t know if this is the best way to do it tho.

I’ve just gone through the link and I think it’s already a good start for me. Thanks a lot!

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That’s what I finally decided to do, Xavier. Load all the product images in their different colours. And display them in the colour selection. Thanks !

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