A shop where users can choses sizes or color?

Hi Gliders ! I’m back with a new question.

Is there a way to allow a user to choose the color or size of an item they want to buy?

Imagine if we sell clothes:

  • I see how to create category and sub categorie and sub sub … (thanks Jeff ^^ )
  • I see how to manage stocks and sell order (thanks Jeff and Robert ! ^^)

But, I don’t see how we can let the user choose the size of his shoes or the color of his hat …

Any Ideas ?

Thanks a lot

You would use choice components for each. Then based on those choices you would use a template column to concatenate them together along with the actual item number to come up with that combined item number that would be used when they select the buy button. It would look something link this. 12345-10.5-Black. (Item@-Size-Color).