Color picking concept

You can copy this template. Please, try and tell, what you think)

*gradients are from


nicely done… i would add restriction to Add/Save button not to save if name is not entered

Yeah, i thought about it. Anyway, this is just a concept, so)

you can use CSS to fit all colors on the screen, so you don’t need to scroll… or just place them in the next row… also would be a cool trick if the check mark appear on the color not under

Well actually I’m happy with scroll. This pattern is quite familiar I think.

Speaking about check mark. If you know how to do this with CSS I’d appreciate any help with this.

is not a CSS, just replace image with same but checkmark added on top when clcked

:thinking: sounds like I’m going to spend too much time preparing all those images)

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did you fix it?

No, actually I’m not going to fix anything in this particular app. I just wanted to share discovered technique of putting data from one row to another in the same table) I honestly don’t even know the real life scenarios of using this method in Glide) So, this is just food for thought.

to pick colors of items that you are selling… so many uses

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Ah! Apparel, for example! That’s it, that’s great idea!) Ok, will continue working to adjust this method later.

challenge accepted ! ill make my sample :wink:

Cool! Love Glide Community for this)

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ok… what do you think about my version? LINK

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 3.13.15 PM


If only i could see the table. I’m interested in «backend» more, you know, how exactly it works. Did you use my method or made it your own way?

what do you think?

I see, you use image component above and inline list below i guess. The image in image component is the png from inline list. When i tap a little circle, it sets column of the top row in the table with its png. And image componetnt takes data from that column. I guess. Smth like that)

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Pretty much… like that

Oh! Oh! I know, I know! This can be done with some html in template column. Like < img src …
Just replace the image url each time little circle is tapped. And use rich text instead of image component! Ha! :bulb:

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