Compoonent set up

I´m Alex and I´m training to set a component in my app, I would like to ask if it is possible to apply the format as the image:

*Conditional Format or add color to de numbers depending if they are positive or negative.

I hope this could be an option to add in my app.


Best regards.

not possible in Glide… you can use CSS to change colors of elements, but not specific details… unless using advanced CSS, you can create your own CSS table and use template column to dynamically adjust colors

As Uzo said, it will be super tricky. The best chance to do some thing like this is to have to know in advance the “index” of each line on the screen, then customize each line based on their index and other conditions, finally join them together using a relation - joined list combo to get the final CSS snippet.

I think for something like this I would build an HTML table with template columns and a joined list column if the data is in multiple rows. You would also need some IF columns to set the html for the color based on on the value. Then you wouldn’t have to deal with CSS so much. That’s all assuming that none of this is clickable and not an inline list. Hard to tell from the screenshot if it’s an inline list, or a basic table, or something else.


I was thinking the top part (above the line) is 2 inline lists (Depósito and Retiro) but in that case I think a HTML table can still be used.

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Yeah, hard to say. I’m guessing it’s a mock-up since it has coloring already and some of the spacing seems weird or inconsistent.

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