Changing color for only part of inline list element

Ok, I’ve got what I believe is a pretty difficult, if not impossible thing to do in Glide. But there are very smart people here who I hope can help! Below is my app layout, with the part circled in red all being the title text portion of my inline list. That text comes from a template column, as shown below.

What I would like to do, is find a way to change the color of JUST the ranking numbers before the teams names. CSS on the layout screen won’t do this because it targets the full element text, team names included. Is there any way to integrate CSS into my template column on the datasheet so that I can selectively color just certain parts of that text? Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

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I doubt you will be able to do that. Would have to figure a way to separate those into different divs, but I don’t know any ways to do so.

I figured. I really wish there was a way to pass CSS into a list, rather than just needing to have it in a rich text component.

If the colour-coding is important, then the only thing I could think of would be to replace the list with a dynamically generated HTML table. That would give you full control over the styling, but you’d lose the ability to drill down on individual items.

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Hmm, don’t have much experience with that but may look into it. Ultimately I guess it’s not that important, I was just hoping there might be a way.