How to change normal photo into carricature photo


How to change normal photo into carricature photo in html css?

Cloudinary can do that with the e_cartoonify parameter:


Hi @Robert_Petitto

I want all of my photos listed as inline list in glide.At the same time I want photos with some category to be listed as carricature photo.i don’t know how to use cloudinary.may be is there any option in html css to do this.

As well as whether I need to pay to cloudinary for this.

Maybe this is a good time to learn :wink:

Maybe there is, but Cloudinary will definitely do it.

The Cloudinary free plan gives you 25,000 transformations per month. Do you expect to do more than that? (I use Cloudinary a lot, and I’ve never done that many in a month).

May be i get some videos from @Darren_Murphy to know cloudinary.your own examples.

May be it goes past 25000 if the project went successful.

Cloudinary is free. Here’s a thread that talks about ways to set up Cloudinary in Glide:

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