Image Duplicates

I am creating a homework app where a student can upload an image of their question and other students/teachers can provide their response to the question via image. Currently, I’m using the form feature to allow image responses to be uploaded to the specific question. However, I discovered that the response also appears in other images/questions. How do I make sure that the image response to the specific question is not reflected in other images?

Can we have a link to your app or some screenshots/videos of the issue? Thank you.

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If I understood right, you need to create a second column as Replay/Image 2.

Once the Question is submitted, it creates a new row in your sheets, the student would upload in Answer 1 image picker. When the teacher will reply the question, you can create a Button with the action Link to screen, and choose Data to This Item, and setup with some texts and the “Replay/Image 2” image picker and a Text Entry component for the reply.

That’s only a suggestion, but you can also display it still in the Answer screen.


You can also display still in the Answer screen the “Replay/Image 2” image component and a text component for the replay when someone reply it. It’ll appears once both are not empty.

To get a better user experience, I’d do an extra thing: Setup the visibility for the button to shows when the Replay/Image 2 image picker is empty. Once the teacher reply it, and comes back, the button is gone.

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You need to make sure that you are using column values in the form to attach some form of unique Id from the question. Then when displaying the form responses within the question, you will need to create a relation column in the questions sheet to link the question ID to the question Id in the form response sheet. The relation is what you use for an inline list to display only the relevant answers to that question.


Thanks Jeff, sorry I forgot to get back to this and update but I have solved this after the person contacted me via messages, basically the same method you described :smile:


Got it solved. Thank you everyone for your help. Really appreciate :grin: