Image displaying when no image has been uploaded

Upload an image of an accident and display the uploaded image using an image component.


  • I have an image upload component and an image component.
  • User uploads image
  • The data is stored in an image field
  • An image component displays the image from this field
  • Result is that before any image is uploaded, an image from the first record in the table is displayed in that field. I noticed that for any other component I can select data from the first record in the table. Again this is happening when a new record is being added. The map component (which is working correctly) is also displaying data from the first record in the table by default.

You can see the add new record screen has map coordinates and a photo displaying despite no data being added yet. How do I stop this from happening? I’ve not encountered this before.

When inside of a form, ‘view only’ components typically come from the parent table row where the form was opened. Only entry components are linked to the new row being added. This has always been that way.

To get the desired effect that you are looking for, I think you would have to resort to using a custom form.

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This form is the default add form screen.
What do I do to create a custom form?
I know how to create a form.
Not 100% sure what denotes a custom form.

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