Image Component Not Updating After Original Upload

I have a bunch of PDFs that are being displayed using the Image Media Component.

Occasionally, I need to update the PDF so that it displays a different image. I want to keep the same link, but just update the PDF.

I have been doing this by overwriting the Google Drive document, so that it will maintain the same link. While this works just fine on the Google Drive side of things, the image is not uploading in my Glide App.

I have run into this issue in my app before, and I am pretty sure it will eventually update to the new picture after a couple of days, but I need a faster solution (update within an hour would be nice). I think it is happening because Glide takes the images and hosts them locally for quicker screen loading. Once Glide has hosted an image locally, it probably doesn’t see the need to update the image unless the url has changed, which is hasn’t.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and has a good solution, thanks!

@spencersRus I was literally gonna post the same link. You beat me to it by seconds. :wink:


I use this all the time with my google drawings.

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Thank you! This solved my problem.

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