Image Carousel on New Glide

To be clear, image carousels are created from an array. The images do not stay in separate columns if you use Sheets and put them together to form an array.

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Got it, so there is no easy way to change the images once an array is created?

I believe you can still edit them separately in an edit screen with multiple image pickers, but I think in the data view it’s a no.

I see thanks! That won’t work in my case since I might need to swap out many at one time from different businesses.

Would an image picker be helpful if I want to upload a photo for a certain business profile on the go? I have found it difficult to do this on my phone within the GDE.

I would just make it visibile to myself correct?

Yes that’s true. Make it visible only to your email (or for admins, if you have other admins).

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Can we hide tabs? or it is only data within a tab? The thing is the business profile won’t show up in the app until a photo has been uploaded for them, so I would need a way to add a photo without having the profile displayed yet. Thanks!

Yes, tabs can have visibility settings in the same way that components can. In this case, you could do something like “where image is not empty”


Oh, thanks Darren! It’s been a while since I really got into Glide like this again.

I have the following set up:
Hamburger Menu–> New Tab–> Inline List of Businesses–>First I had the action for this set to view details which gave me the same layout as users will see on the front end for their profiles and added the image picker here.

Then I checked off independent and the show form action where I can just add the image picker from two different parts of the app. but it doesn’t link to the business I clicked from, it’s blank, and all businesses have an image already…Not sure what I have to do here?

Yes, a details screen for the same sheet will be the same everywhere you use it in your app. Took me quite a while to wrap my head around this, and not understanding how it works has caused me to come unstuck several times.

Although I’m not fully understanding your use case, I suspect that Independent Screen Configuration isn’t the right option for you here. Instead, what you most likely need to do is just hide/show the image picker depending on which part of your app the screen is being viewed from.


Ok yes, I was thinking it might be the same. Thanks! Do you think it would be better to have a seperate free app just for image uploads for security?

Difficult to say, but probably not. What’s your concern from a security perspective?

If there is a bug and tab visibility breaks, the images are just profile photos for businesses no nothing personal, but wouln’t want people to have to option to change the images.

Nevermind, this method works well…I’m overthinking it…time to sleep. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you!

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Hi, I have followed a few YouTube tutorials on how to create an image carousel using Sheets & it worked in Classic Glide. However, I cannot get it work in New Glide Apps. I have tried using Sheets in Glide Apps & using the above methods using Glide Table and nothing is working. Please help me understand what I am missing. I am fairly new on here and never learned how to use Excel or other Spreadsheets in school so its always been an intimidating thing for me. That’s why I LOVE GLIDE! It makes me feel like a developer, Spreadsheet savvy creator and so much more with ease. I don’t want to give up!!

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Thanks for replying. So is it that this thread was regarding making a carousel in Glide Classic then?

Yes, this thread is over 2 years old. Well before Glide Pages (New Apps) even existed.


I’d love to have a way to make image carrossels in the New Glide Apps

Best option for now, or you could use horizontal cards/tiles.

Yea, but it doesn’t quite work with what I had in the Classic Version.

For each row of my table I have an array of images.

So everytime I open a Detail Screen for each of the rows I can see the respective array of images, using the Image component.

But in the New Glide Apps I can’t. :confused: