Image carousel gives white space

I’m using in the details layout an inline component, which loads multiple rows. These rows have images 1, 2, 3 etc. which creates the carousel.
In some rows, the image cells dont have content. These give back in the app a white space. Using the visibility feature doesn’t help.

Anyone an idea how to solve this?

If you just want an image carousel, I would just use an image component with an array of images. You must be using tiles or cards instead in the horizontal layout? If so use filter instead in visibility to filter the rows in the list. Are those rows partially filled, thus causing the rows to show, but without an image?

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Yes, I thought about the card workaround. Use that a lot. I will probably end up using this, but the element has some design issues.
And it’s weird that the image component gives a white space when there is no content in the cells.
I’ve also noticed that cells with a lot of text break working image carousels…

I think I understand what you are saying now. I think if you do horizontal numbered columns to create an array, it’s smart enough to ignore the empty columns, but if your array comes from a lookup attached to a relation, then it’s showing the blank images in the carousel. This might be considered a bug. What I would consider doing is create an If Then column in your sheet with the pictures. Set the if then to true if an image exists. Then create a template column that joins whatever you are using for your relation and the result of the if then column. That way you’ll end up with something like (rowid - true). In you sheet that contains the detail screen you are on, create a template column that joins what you are using for the relation and the word ‘true’ to get (rowid - true). Use the template columns for your relation. This will then return only rows that match the relation, but only contain an image. Create a lookup column to get the array list of images and use that for your image carousel.

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