IF-THEN results wrong when Lookup Cells are empty

When comparing two Lookup cell values that are empty, the IF-THEN logic should have resulted in a 0 - but instead shows 1. The screenshot should explain


What would happen when you try TS2 is equal to TS3 then 0?

Does this only happen with lookups or does it also happen with normal empty cells?

Hi @ThinhDinh. There is no “equal” option. I used the “is” option. Surprising as both these values are Dates.
When I do what you suggested it gave me the wrong answer of “1”. If it had thought they were equal it would have given me a “0”.

Hi @Jason. I have only seen the problem with Lookups where I was getting the value back of a cell that happened to be empty. At other times, when that same cell had a value, it seemed to work fine.