IF-THEN-ELSE with User's conditions not working


I am trying to create an app where items in the list will be sorted based on user’s choice in his profile. (Standard in-app sorting doesn’t work for me).

So, I have 6 different sorting columns where each item has a number which is used to sort in ascending order. And I have created and if-then-else column which is named “Current sorting”. After that I sorted the list based on this if-then-else column:

After that I wanted to make the condition in the IF-THEN-ELSE column based on user’s “Current sorting view”:

And that’s where I noticed that in case when you use “User’s” condition in IF-THEN-ELSE column it uploads the first row of the cosen column to ALL rows of the if-then else-column. If you do use simple condition (not user’s) it works well. You can see here based on another column:

Could you tell me, Is it a bug and if yes how soon can it be fixed?

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