Other Number Columns not appearing in the If-then-else

I want to creat a “User Specific: If-Then-Else” Column but when I choose “Less than” or “Less or Equal” or “More than” or “More or Equal” I can only find “Number columns” while I have Many other columns wich has Numbers (Math Columns, Single Value Columns, If-then-Else Columns…)

like in this link https://ibb.co/rw42jPv

Thanks Community !

Looks like your user specific column is a text column. You need to change it to a number column.

No it’s an if-then-else Column with a Number output https://ibb.co/rw42jPv

But also when I try with Math columns its the same

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Ok, I understand now. I’ll have to check. I would think the math column would work for sure. I could potentially see the if then column not showing up and maybe requiring a math column to convert it, but if you are already having problems with the math column, then that may now work. I’ll get back to you.

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Not sure about marh column not being found here, but the If Then Else not being found can be because it isn’t read as a number. I faced this problem before and had to make a helper math column to convert it.

I have created Math Columns to convert to Number format but When I choose “Greather or Less than…” I can’t Find Math Columns until I make an output number in the Math Column for ex: simple calculation as " * 1"

Yes, it’s the way I made my workaround as well. It doesn’t convert to a number unless you do some math calculation with it.

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