If,Then,Else Function: different values for each column?

Hey Gliders, a quick question. I am struggeling with the If,then,else function.

As you can see in the pictures, I managed to calculate the average for each dimension (Strategy and Management, Customer, etc.). No I would like to give the user recommendations based on his results. On the second picture you can see just some quick examples of recommendations.

Lets say: The User scores a 2.5 in Customer, He should just see the recommendation (X<3).

I already tried the If,Then, Else function but in the end I always received the same feedback but since it should be for each dimension, it did not work out. I guess I miss a few steps.

I appreciate your help.

What is your current settings for the If > Then > Else column?

Hey ThinhDinh, I found the problem. Thanks

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