Can i use IfThenElse column for more than one variable?

I have an IfThenElse column which is a response from a form in my application. This IfThenElse column queries 2 columns in a google sheets database(a status and a funnel from my CRM), but there are different conditions for it to return an answer to the user.

There are 3 status types and 4 different CRM funnels. I would like that when the user enters data that is related both to STATUS X and FUNIL Y, that he receives a Z response.
Can I do this on glide?

I was able to make a relationship with just the status or just with the type of funnel, but if I do it separately they become contradictory and the user doesn’t have an answer, because the relationships between the statuses and each funnel are different from each other.

Can you provide a few more specifics, like what your conditions are and what you want the IF column to return of both conditions are true. Usually the idea is to reverse your thought process and look for false conditions first. If none of the conditions are false then return true. It’s easier to explain with some real data though.


As Jeff said, more specifics would be useful. But just to demonstrate the approach that he explained:

  • If Status is not X, then null
  • If Funnel is Y, then Z

Your exact use case is most likely not quite as simple as that. But whatever it is, it will be possible.

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Sure, i will give you my examples :slight_smile:

I have tree types of status: Open, Win and Lost.
and 4 types of funnel: Closer, Indirect, CS and WebSite.

I have some rules that work for every funnel, except the Indirect one:

  • If the status is open, then show “False”
  • If the status is win, then show “False”
  • Is the status is lost, then show “True”

However, i want to show “True” for every status on my Indirect Funnel. Can I do that? Because these information are all together at the same google sheet, which is my data base.

here it is an example of my sheets

I think something like this should work.

IF Funnel includes ‘Indirect’ then ‘true’
ELSE IF Status is ‘Open’ then ‘false’
ELSE IF Status is ‘Win’ then ‘false’
ELSE IF Status is ‘Lost’ then ‘true’

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The following should work:

  • If Funnel includes Indirect, then true
  • If Status is Lost, then true

There is no need to check for open/win status, as they will just default to null.
When you are using the column, don’t test for true/false. Instead, test for is checked/is not checked.

Edit: I replied without looking at the screen shot. Have updated the above to match the actual data.

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omg, it was that simple!!! thank you guys for the help :slight_smile: it worked!

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Great :+1:

A key thing to understand about the if-then-else column is that it starts from the top and works its way down. As soon as it finds a matching if condition, it will stop and return the associated “then” value.

So for your case, the first thing to check is Funnel, because if that includes Indirect then we don’t care about anything else and so we can stop and return true.

Only if that fails, then we move on and check the Status.


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