Ideas for relation to column headers

Am wondering if its possible to make relations to cols or at least hard code it somehow. It might be too complex but maybe there are features im not aware of.

[Table] Questions:

  • rowid/ list of 1, 2, 3
  • Actual questions
  • Weights (numerical) for scoring
  • Tags (a, b, c) - ok to be boolean as list is limited
  • Boolean (to display or not if Qn is retired - will not allow deletes)

[Table] Answers - (should be evaluated rowwise, not rollup)

  • Answers for Qns (numerical) - ok to label these cols as 1,2,3,4… in direct map to Qn rows.
  • QnScore (ans x respective weights)
  • Tag score (evaluate the qn scores by Tags, some qns loads to multiple tags)

My end goal if possible is for:
Front end

  • Ability to display the questions directly from the list (e.g. from [Table] Questions) so that there’s no need to type and also edits are live.
  • Qns are displayed by section (e.g. tag filtered, also filter by display boolean)
  • Display the Tag Score (i.e. must be able to calculate live, not a post processed)

Understand this may be quite complex, and may not be within the existing functionalities. Am hoping this is possible so I’m able to edit the qns and weights on the front end, rather than having to click each column to verify and code the weights / calculations each time an edit is made.

Appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble visualizing what you are trying to do, but is it possible that you are just needing a Lookup column to retrieve a specific column value from a relation?

Hi Jeff mocked up a visual in Excel to illustrate the 2 tables.

The core idea being that the list of questions could change (add on, change tags, retired etc.) and the corresponding questioned presented to be filtered / sectioned accordingly. Hence, wanting the list to be able to be added to or modified and for the evaluations (collect scores and calculate) to automatically know what weights to apply, which qns belong to which tags etc.

So user experience wise, I can set questions in the form to correspond in numerical order and the corresponding question text would appear and the question would be displayed or hidden depending in the filter for tags etc.

Hope this helps to clarify!

Just realized the clarity of the topic should be to relational to col headers, not to cols themselves which already exists.

I still feel like all you need is to use S/N to establish a relation between tables, and then use Lookup columns to pull the respective values from the question table. Sorry if I’m still not following, but based on what I’m understanding from your question, I think the Lookup columns are all you need.

Thanks Jeff, will test this out and update again!

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You would have to be creative in your flow to get the answers in the same row after lining them out in different rows for the “input form” though.

Do your users need to fill the same form multiple times?