Icons not loading properly and app increasingly slower

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • Since yesterday the majority of the icons aren’t loading properly on iOS. The Glide preview shows everything’s fine, and Android users see everything ok, but iOS users can’t see the the icons. Most of them are being replaced for just circles, or may be out of place.

For some reason, this is also having an impact on loading times of the app, and generally feels way slower than it felt before, or compared to Android.

Expected behavior:

  • Icons should be showing properly and loading times should be better.

How to replicate:

Link to demo recording:

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Thanks for reporting. We’re looking into this.


Have the same 🫨

Hey @tristan! Seems like you guys just released a fix. Thanks for the hard work.
I think the only thing still missing are the Hint icons, for both the hint itself, and its action

Yes we are aware of that as well and this will be fixed by Tomorrow. Apologies for the issue. Safari’s latest update introduced an annoying regression we had to quickly work around (but they are aware of it, thankfully).



same Problem here.
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