Icons instead of tables

Currently, in my app I have a table that shows a list of amenities/features at parks & buildings - shown below. Instead of a list I’d like to show relevant icons in a row or grid - any ideas on how to create this?

Something like this:

Only way to do that at present is create an inline list of tiles or markdown table and center it using html.

Here’s an example of inline list:

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This might be doable with some backwards logic.

First I would create a sheet that contains every amenity with a text description in one column, and an image url in another column.

Next I would create a series of array columns in your Parks sheet. (Amenity 1, Amenity 2, Amenity 3, etc). Fill these columns with each amenity available at each park.

Finally create a multiple relation column in the Parks sheet that joins the Amenity array column to the Amenity sheet. This should allow you to display each amenity in an inline list that’s set to tiles or cards view. I’m assuming you wouldn’t need to see any details about the amenity, so you can set the action on the inline list to ‘none’.

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