Icono flags

hi, how to put flags in the choise component.


I copy the emoji but I get the letters

Emoji will display depending on the device and if it supports the emoji character. Have you tried different devices?

Yes on an iphone xs max and a samsung galaxy

hmm, not sure why it wouldn’t work. Do other non-flag emojis work?

hi. @Jeff_Hager
If I copy it from the web 🍏 Apple Emoji List — Emojis for iPhone, iPad and macOS [Updated: 2021] Emoji List
it works on iphone but not on android

yes the normal icons do appear on android and iphone

It’s hard to say what’s going on. Emoji are dependent on the device supporting that particular set of characters. It seems like the flags have been supported for a long time, but they seem to be different in that they are built by joining two regional indicator symbols (🇫 and 🇷 to get :fr:).

What is the model of your android device, and what version of Android are you running? I’ll try it out later on my android device and see if I get different results.


Other than that, I’m not sure what else you can do. Emoji are a great alternative to images, but they are dependent on the device supporting them.

Jeff is right, the Emojis depend on the device’s operating system.

Last week I discovered that all country flags are not supported by Windows OS (Microsoft).

For example: you probably can see these flags on any phone perfectly :venezuela: :ukraine: :costa_rica: :indonesia: :jp: but on a PC using Windows 7/10 it isn’t possible. Microsoft justifies this with a weird statement to avoid claims from countries in conflict.



Oh no…

Thanks for sharing, that’s definitely something I will have to take into account when I use emojis in new projects.

I had a headache and toothache at the same time when I found this weird behavior testing the APP on Windows :grimacing:

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Sorry, never got back to this with my results as promised. I tried it on my windows computer and my android phone.

Windows (Notice it only renders the FR instead of the flag emoji):

Android (Here it rendered the flag emoji):

Kind of weird, but if the device doesn’t support it, then there isn’t much you can do.