Icon Issue

I am using pages to build a product. I want to use icons as button labels to reduce the amount of text on the screen. This looks great on my windows laptop, but the icons render in color on apple devices, resulting in some of them being really hard if not impossible to see, thereby defeating the purpose.

I tried the hero icons plug in which is very cool, but I can’t display the result as a button label (or at least I couldn’t see a way to do it).

Any advice?

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It would involve a bit of work. What you could do is detect the OS of logged in user and conditionally show or hide two identical buttons. (One that looks good on windows and one that looks good on Mac)

At the moment we don’t have dynamic button icons (at least not on glideapps)

I haven’t tried the above. Here is the thread I got my inspiration from.

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If the same icon renders in a “bad” way as Kyan said then what I would do is try some CSS to change its filling color, regardless of the OS.

@Kyan_Lynch, can you provide me some screenshots on how your icons look on Apple devices?