I would like to know how to make the tab display of the application the input form from the beginning

Is there a way to display an input form as the initial screen when a tab is selected in the app?

I want to reduce the user’s application operation by one step.

  1. Open app
  2. Press the form button on the first tab
  3. Fill in and submit the input form

I want to skip the second step.

What’s the form’s purpose? If it’s user profile related, this could be done with entry components instead, on a detail style layout screen. I don’t think you can open directly into a form.

We have created and operate an employee working time management application.

The steps to fill out the form are the same every day.

I would like to omit the action to open the form when opening the application and registering attendance time / leaving time with the form every time.

Make a screen that is set as your “first tab”. In your profile sheet, make a template column joining the user’s email and a today value (you must initiate this in your Sheet and bring it over via a single value). Then make a relation to the form results sheet, matching that template with a template column in the results sheet joining the same two fields (email & date).

If relation is empty then show the “first tab”.