I want to run openAI

I know that openAI is used for free in all grades. When I try to run it, I get “Each run uses 1 update”. It doesn’t work even at the STARTER level, and PRO or BUSINESS are expensive, so what should I do?

I applied for a 14-day free trial of the BUSINESS level and converted it, but it is the same.

It has nothing to do with Glide plan you are on. You also need a subscription with OpenAI.

How do I subscribe to OpenAI?

I haven’t subscribed to OpenAI, but isn’t the API public? Do you mean that it runs regardless of PLAN when you run it in the Glide app?

You’ll need an OpenAI account specific API key. Also I get charged for my OpenAI usage from OpenAI so not sure what’s free.

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OpenAI is not free. You need to have a Credit Card on file with OpenAI. When the API is called, it charges your account.

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Thanks for your answer. Even if you put an API key in openAI and run it, it will not work unless you subscribe to openAI. does this mean? So you’re saying it has nothing to do with Glide PLAN?

That’s true. They are separate accounts. Again, you get charged for every call you make from Glide using the OpenAI integration. That charges to your credit card connected to OpenAI.

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OpenAI tells me: You are currently on a free trial of the OpenAI API

shouldn’t that be enough to test OpenAI Glide Integration?

I’m getting no output return from OpenAI

Add a billing method to OpenAI.

That should do it.

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