I want to create a link to a screen (row) for posting in RRSS

My app is about recipes. (Sorry for my english, i’m practices this, no more google traslate :sweat_smile:)

However, i want to create a link to the recipe, this for publishing it in my social network.

Example, I was create a recipe in may app, so now i obtein a link and this link is posted in my RRSS.

thanks for you help :pray:

Hola @Jopsiel_Hernandez

You can use a webhook connected to integromat

Thank you

I think so tha i not explain me good.

This is a “page” of my app :point_down:

I want a link to this “page”, only to this “page”, and can posting this “direct link” in my RRSS.

Oh, I see.

In that case you need to use a deep link.



Is exactly that I search

Hey, I follow you en Youtube.

O sea, también soy de Venezuela.

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Cualquier cosa, pide ayuda que aquí hay quien te ayude en cantidad.

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