I need if someone login with password

I need to send an email to the recipient if someone login with that password.is that possible?

I have an app which is protected by password.
If someone login with that password I need to automatically send notification to the original app user.

As far as I know, there is no native features to notify a user of sign-in behavior in general. There isn’t for instance login validation where you would check the email of the user signing in against another email – the owner of the app for instance – and then notify the owner of the app.

You could, however, rebuild this feature I think within the app. Once a user signs in, on an onboarding screen, you could force the user to tap a button to move forward. You could create a custom action on this button with conditionals, checking the email of the user signed in against another email, and then using the “Send email” action if there was a breach.