I need help making my app search through rows and find matching rows based off an ID

Essentially I have a sheet that has a number of jobs, each one has an ID made up of some of the information regarding the job in ones and zeros, so there should be matching IDs. I need a user to be able to start writing a new job, this should make an ID. I need to know how to match the new ID with any jobs that have a matching ID and then give me an average of the Job Rate column.

Thank you for your time, I am quite new to this.

Have you looked into using relations? I would think that you could build your ID, then have a relation that links that ID to the ID in your jobs table. Then have an inline list that is sourced from that relation. Once a matching ID is created, then the relation will auto populate with related job rows.

Once you have the relation in place that Jeff described, you can then use a Rollup Column to get your average job rate.

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Amazing, thank you for the replies, that sounds like exactly what I want.

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