Checking if text is equal to each other and then pulling values

Hello, kind of new to glide and stuck on building a feature. I have a google sheet linked to my glide, and am pulling the names of classes and their difficulty. I want to average the difficulty based on the names of the classes. In the screenshot below, as an example, I would like to average all the values of the Advanced Algebra 2, then the AP statistics, and so on.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 9.30.12 PM

Thank you.

  • Create a multiple relation column that matches the Class name with itself.
  • Then add a rollup column that targets the multiple relation column, and select Average → Difficulty
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Just wondering how to match the class name with itself? The values come up as question marks. Also was wondering if this solution allows each class to have its own average.

Ignore the question marks, they don’t mean anything other than one or more matches were found. It looks like you have the relation correctly set up.

That’s exactly what it does.
If that’s not the result you have, please show me how you configured the rollup column.

Thank you so much, the solution worked. I really appreciate it.

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The question marks have to do with the first column all the way to the left that is being used to display the elements of the relation. If that column were a text column like RowID or Name, then those values would be displayed. You probably have a computed column or a column type that Glide is having trouble reading, so it displays question marks. Put a RowID or basic text column in first place and the question marks should disappear.

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