I need experts help on this


I have a product list listing products from various shops in the app.

Suppose if i have this product listing in my app , which can either be favourited or she can store pickup this product.

I’m having a tab to show that product is favourited or store pickup.

Now I need to show,this product is already in store pick up ,you can verify it in stores.

Or any other simple solution without deleting the product.

Create a user specific column for STORE PICKUP in the PRODUCT LIST SHEET.

Set the STORE PICKUP BUTTONs action to SET COLUMN VALUES and write YES in the STORE PICKUP column.

On the STORE PICKUP TAB, Display the product list and add filter to SHOW PRODUCTS WHERE STORE PICKUP IS “YES”


I have changed my stance,

If a product in the product list is store pickup by someone,it has to delete from the product list and the product should only be in store pickup tab…

How to do like this.

Whether i need I’d for this? If so how to do