I need a suggestion on how can my customers connect with me

im making an ecommerce local website, im almost done with it but kinda stumbled upon some hiccups. On my detailed product page there is a button labeled " message seller" the intention is that if a customer wants to buy the product they can just message me and well set a plan for them to pick it up. That button is linked to my facebook messenger. When a user clicks it, it brings them to my facebook messenger. But, the customer has to tell me which product they want to buy. And i think that not very user friendly.
my plan was to pre-populate the text box in the messenger app. Meaning that for each product, there would be a specific URL linked to the “message seller” button. So whenever they click the button, the URL will direct them to my facebook messenger and will auto populate their text box with statement like “hi there, is [title] still available?”. But unfortunately after a lot of research, facebook does not allow prepopulated test via URL for their messenger app.
I tried to make a 1V1 chat inside the glideapp, but i think that would be very hard to keep track of, and also would be getting alot of spam.
I also thought of instead of communicating through facebook messenger, use a phone number instead. I researched it, and there are many phones out there like ios and android. Prepoplating text would be kinda difficult for all those different devices. Not to mention i would be charged data rates for each text i receive. So that option is out of the bucket too.
Any advice from y’all experts on how i should tackle this?

You can redirect them to your WhatsApp and populate the message using template column.

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Is there a reason you don’t let the purchase and scheduling part happen inside the app but taking it outside of the app?

I was thinking you can just let them order the goods, then choose a time to pick the goods at your place (I assume that’s the case). If you change the picking time you can send them a message, providing you have their email and/or phone number.

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That’s a nice suggestion!
My e-commerce app would really be for local only. I don’t want to have the purchase button inside the app. From experience, I’m better off if I chat with the customer directly, to set up the pickup time or any other questions that they have.
I like the idea of setting up a calendar inside the app for them to request when they can pick it up. I will have to give this a thought!

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I have looked this up too. Whats up does actually allow to prepopulated their text boxes via URL. But unfortunately, no one uses whatssapp in my community.
FYI my e-commerce app is for local only.