I need a sandbox (I think!)

I think I need a sandbox… Too many people have access to my app so I can’t practice making new additions (I’m still sorting out the structure of everything - it’s an online course app).

Should I create a separate sandbox app and then when things go well copy and paste over to the real one? Worried in trying to recreate/configure all the components I will make mistakes. Also that’s pretty time consuming.

Any ideas?

I would recommend just duplicating the app either using the same sheet or duplicating the sheet.

If you are worried about forgetting steps to replicate components, then I would duplicate the app using the same sheet. Then you can make your changes in the new app copy (as long as you don’t alter the layout of the sheet). When you are ready to switch, you can change the URL on the old app to any obscure name and switch the URL on the new app to the existing name.

Great ideas!! And that new app with the old name will still link to the same URL/bookmark? Only lag would be during naming time yes?

Yes it should still work. I think it’s only a problem if you are using a custom domain, chat/comments, favorites, or google analytics. For those reasons, you may be better off playing in a separate sandbox and copying changes to the original app, but if you are still in the early stages of development and don’t have any of that stuff, then you should be fine. I’m not entirely sure if it would require a user to sign back in, but I think that would be minor.

Hmmm okay that may change things. How do I know if I have a custom domain? That seems like something I would want to have. I do have chat/comments, and I am using Google Analytics. I don’t know about Favorites but if it’s what I think it sounds like, I would want to use that too!

So it looks like practicing outside the app and copying in is the way to go. Makes sense. Think I’ll get started by following your idea on the copy/paste to create Sandbox.

If you’ve set up a custom domain, then you would know it. :wink:


We don’t have a good option for this yet, although it makes a lot of sense and we know we should offer some way to work on a new draft of your app before publishing it to your users.