I must be missing something: how do I automatically take column info in Apps (former Pages)?

I must be looking in the wrong direction, but I hope you can help.
I have a collection of roles (manager/accountant/ etc), when people select a role they can ask that role a question. ‘How do I do X’. In the background I automatically want to add that role to a prompt I send to OpenAI. In apps I did that with taking the information from columns. Can’t find that it the present apps?
How do I automatically add the role of choice in a table when adding a question?
Hope you can help!

Is setting custom values the way to go?

To be more clear: it shouldnt be necessary to pick Manager since we’re on the page manager.

Shouldn’t you be able to reference that in a template, and use the template as your prompt?

@ThinhDinh Yeah, I work with a template, but I can’t find out how I can get that info anymore. It will be stupid, but where do I automatically collect that the role of the present page in this case is ‘manager’ and in another case booker or lawyer? I use a list from a table with roles and descriptions. So now I ask people to pick the role in a choice component but that is one step too much, they’ve already made a choice by clicking on the detail screen.

It should be right there in the attached table.
You’re already using it in the title component, right?

This is in the table, it’s all there indeed, but I don’t seem to know anymore how I transfer the info from the row I’m at via the detailscreen to the helper table I’w writing too.
I use a form where people ask a question and ask them to choose a role, but they have already chosen the role by clicking in the collection / list.

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You should do it as part of the action when they select a list item.
Create a Single Value column in your roles table that takes First->Whole Row from your Helper Table.
Then use a Set Column Values action through that column.

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Ah! Now I understand! Thank you!

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