Automatically set value to simple text column

I wonder if there’s a way to set value to a simple text column automatically? Like take a returned result from any computed column and put it into a text column without user triggered action.

Use case is — prepopulating selected option in choice component. Eg habit tracking app, where the today’s date in choice chips would be not just displayed but chosen automatically every day. I know, i could do this with tiles layout, but then i should implement some comlex logic to make inline list behave like a choice.

Here’s my draft screen. 7 choice chips display 7 days including today’s date in the left chip. And I definitely want it to be already «checked» when I’m opening the app.

P.S. If you wonder about CSS magic and dates math presented on the screen I would share with pleasure)

How about a screen that welcomes the user to the app and gives them some content, like a “Quote” or something, then shows a button to reveal the actual content and set the default value to the column you want?


:thinking: Sounds good actually) Great idea, I’ll try, thank you)

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yep, that’s the way to do it. :+1:

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Ok then. Do you guys @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy know any open API returning motivational quotes in russian language?)))

hehe, no.
I’ll admit that looking for motivational quotes in Russian isn’t something that I do very often.
If an API for that doesn’t exist, maybe there’s an opportunity for you to create one? :wink:

But seriously, the point is that finding a way to get the user to tap something that can have an action attached is the easiest way to set default values for use cases like this. I use this technique all the time (not necessarily with motivational quotes, though :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Agree. I use that kind of technique too. But before I always tried to «hide» those actions under some necessary steps like navigation through the catalog or smth. But this is not necessary, it’s just fancy. BUT the «quotes» idea matches good with the app’s general purpose, so i think it’s the best way, indeed.


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