I don't understand my invoice and would like a refund

I received an invoice and it has been charged to me without my authorization and I can’t see it on customer portal. $ 360!!! I want my money back please.

There is nothing in my payment history.


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I also got an unexpected charge for over $300 with no explanation at all. Or at least none that made sense. Planning to check into it on Monday. :thinking:

Hello, I’ve notified support to look into this.


@Antonino_Nolasco It took a little to track this down since the email you use in the community is different than the one you submitted the support ticket with, but as I’m sure you are aware, this was taken care of. You received a reply on Sunday that the charge was being refunded.

Please confirm that you received this information in reply to your support request yesterday.


I could not find any support requests for your issue but I was able to track down what I believe is the charge in question. The charge was for $303.38. The invoice shows that it was for a partial year of an annual Pro subscription plus the subscription renewal.

On May 25th, you had a Legacy Pro subscription, for an app called California Design District, that renewed. Because of the transition to our new Team plans, the subscription renewal month and date were changed to Nov. 19th. There was no charge at the time of the renewal, but a pending invoice line item was created for the prorated amount of the subscription from May 25th to Nov. 19th. This, along with the one-year renewal, totaled $339.38, which is what invoice F6C359C8-0041 shows. There was a small credit on your account that was applied, which brought the total down to $303.38.

You can find that invoice, which shows the partial month charge and the renewal charge, in the Customer Portal on the Billing page under your My Apps folder.

If you have any further questions feel free to email support at support@glideapps.com


I can confirm that I received a refund. Thanks Glide!

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