I didn't get to add in my wish list

A lot of things were covered but I love to see more customizable components

My big thing is when I make a mistake an need to redo visibility for each component. A copy a paste feature for that would be great. Also the CTRL CLICK Component feature was very helpful.

The indicator of where someone is on the map like in classic apps was nice too.

Different font choices and colors. Choosing color for different containers and buttons and text.

Maybe some drag and drop features. Glide apps may be very uniform in a way. Booooring!! I’d like to resize certain sections like my buttons.

Adding voice recording or music to an app.

I’m not very techy but that’s really it for me so I’m not sure what else I’d want but I know there is more!!!

Yes!!! For Pete’s sake, bring back select mode!!!


To play and record audio:

To upload music files:

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