I developed an app to customize your avatars - 4 Styles & 40+ Accessories

Hey, guys, I am a software developer focusing on developing all kinds of funny photo apps and tools. Recently I launched my new web-based app “avamake”. I create this website to help you generate personalized avatars images. Currently, it offers 4 different basic avatar styles for you to choose from. Over 40 accessories have been available now!

The most unique thing of this app is that it allows you to customize your avatars by adding different accessories, changing the color of each part, and matching cool emojis based the gender selection.

Let me show some avatars generated by avamake:

I am still working on optimizing this project. If you have any good ideas or any suggestions for me, let me know.


Is there an option for generating images on-the-fly using URL parameters?

Say https://example.com?gender=male&hair=red

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