I can't find the name in Collection

Collection by country. If you enter the name belonging to that country into the search box, only that country’s collection appears, but it doesn’t appear. What could be the cause?

I think the keyword needs to be displayed in the collection for the search to work.

What is displayed in the Collection becomes searchable. But what’s inside is that it’s not searchable.

Yes it used to work that way in classic… and I think it also worked for a little while in Pages… but now it has to be displayed…

You could build a custom search

What does “You could build a custom search” mean?

A text entry component tied to a user specific column… then check if usc is a match with keyword… use ITE column to rule the filter of collection

Can you show me an image if you don’t mind?

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 9.24.11 AM

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It seems to be of great help. thank you.

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