Custom collection | Search bar

Hi, does anyone know why the search bar is not working for me? I think I’m using the component incorrectly, when I type something, nothing appears.


@Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager Have we had a list jot down somewhere on what exactly the search bar searches in the new apps?

Not something I’ve really paid attention to, to be honest.
I seem to recall noticing something a bit off with search in a Custom Collection, but I can’t be sure about that :man_shrugging:

Nothing documented that I’m aware of. Based on comments from others, I feel like something changed between Classic apps and New Apps, but I haven’t played around with it enough to determine what’s different.

It was always my understanding with Classic apps that the search would work on any visible text that was contained within an inline list and the associated detail screen. It still seems to be the case with New apps, but I’ve also read comments in the past where the search wasn’t picking up as much.

As for @Arsar’s case, it may not be working because there are no text components in the custom collection and only collections. I think the only way search would work is if there were some templates and joined lists to merge all of the searchable text together, and then placed within that custom collection as hidden text.

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