I cant choose

why choice does not let me choose some of the options I have put?

Hi @Luna_Luna,

We need more information about the issue to help you!

Is it possible to add some screenshots of the preview and the setup!

Thank you

I make this

and this

and this

And this

all them works, like:


but not two:


I cant choose it

For the two that don’t work, check if you have any trailing white space.


Thanks! It works! Why does it happen?

Thanks Darren for adding that! Appreciated! :muscle: Didn’t aware of that! Looks like a bug? :thinking:

It has always been the main culprit of multiple choices not working based on reports in this forum. I’m not sure if it can be considered a bug or not, but I think what happened is:

  • Glide automatically trimmed the value to be written to the choice cell.

  • The choices that have been chosen will be matched by original value equals to written choice.

  • In this case, there’s a mismatch because of trailing spaces, hence the “bug”.

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