I am creating Menu

I am making Cafe order system so for example, I have to set, two opition in Mango green tea. One is hot and the other is ice. They have different price. However In the other menu such as coffee and juice, They also contain Hot and ice Mango green option. How to mange the menu individually. Please help me. I just want you guys to help to seperate the menu. In the coffee , I need ice and hot coffee option not Hot and Ice Mango green. Please help me.

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How is your data set up? Send a screenshot please.

you need to have an inventory list, all items separately … so one row for hot mango tea, and one row for ice mango tea, then hot coffee… ice coffee
add categories column and for each item specify that is a coffee… tea… juice…
another category if is hot or ice… now you can filter or group your items any way you want


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