Hunting event (Sport event)

I want to make an app for our hunting team. The background is that we want some statistics, participation and animal killed. For each hunting event, there can be one or several animal killed, or non…

My design is that I have one table/sheet for all events (date, participated) and one table for hunted animal (shooter, species and so on).

What I dont seem to find is the relation between those tables? Because there is no static entity between them to relate to. Both are event that are made and you cant in advance know, I.e how do Glide know that this Shooting are related to a certain Event?

It´s the same problem if you thing of a sport event. You have a match in one table and the goal in a other table. How do you match them?

The goal is not to make up the event and then add the animal hunted, I want to do it at the same time (or at least that thats whats happing for the user).

Pls help! (I cant sleep :slight_smile: )

In this example the match in “match_mast” has i “match_no” that same value is also in the table for “goal_detalis”, and thats the key for finding (relate) each other. Is there any way I can do this i Glide?


Of course through relation table, what i mean is that is possible.
Since you are new I suppose you want to know only the potentially of Glide.
Then, don’t worry, you can cover the whole db with this app

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Sounds good and thx for the answer!

I have looked into the documentation, and maybe I dont understand, but can you pls give me some directions or examples how to move or copy a vaule from one table to another? Can this be done by some script or by the standard components in Glide?


Standard component. They are events to do that.
With buttons or after you submit a save of data
But you may compensate something via the Googlescripts

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Sounds like in your Event table you need a rowID column, then in your Hunted Animal table you should have an “EventID” column so you can relate the event to the hunted animals (multiple relation).

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Thank you ThinhDinh! Exactly my thought also but how do I get the value in rowID in Event to the “EventID”?

Pls help me!

How are you adding the hunted animals? If you use a form in the app, you can use the special value “rowID” from the event screen to pass it to the Hunted Animals table.

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Thanks! I will try to see how I can manage the “pass it” transaction in the form component then.

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Here’s a documentation for you.

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