Huge Thanks to the Glide Team & Sallon Beauty's V.2 Sneak peek 🤫

Sallon Beauty’s V.2 Sneak peek is coming with special news. You’ll be able to:

  • Access user & Admin view in the same app (before were 2 separated apps)
  • Date and Hour slots for each specialty of each professional
  • Rate each professional

Huge thanks to the glide team for participating in the app-off contest. Now I’m waiting to my jacket too :rofl:


Super (as always) :clap: :facepunch:

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Nice design

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Thank you @Rosewebstudio @Bahadir_Kaya :relaxed:

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Superb. This was your first showcase back in the days wasn’t it?

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Yes & no.

Yes, because it’s the same design; and
No, the first version wasn’t possible to book, because I created also before I do and Admin and User App was 2 separated.

So, in this new version (sneak peek in the video), I show time slots for date, hour and category for booking and Admin&User view all-in-one