HTML email formatting issue

The HTML in an email that is generated by Glide. It randomly applies a <span> with class “im” to the HTML.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 6.40.59 am

:point_up: See the <span> that was added?

Here is the Glide input:

<p>The following purchase was approved.</p>
<li>Date submitted: [date]</li>
<li>Client: [namenumber]</li>
<li>Type: [type]</li>
<li>Description: [description]</li>
<p>Link to receipt or invoice:<br>[attachment]</p>

The span will be applied to groups of lines of HTML at random when same email is sent.
Is this a know bug?

@ThinhDinh have you come across this before?

Sorry, I almost always send emails through Make instead, so this issue is new to me.

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