How would you make a 'read more' option?

Say I don’t want to make a longread of one long page, but would want to cut that article in 3? How would you only make Part 1 (= Alinea 1), Part 2 (= Alinea 2), Part 3 (= Alinea3) visible to the reader after some sort of click / action?


Are you aware of this existing functionality? Abbreviates long text and shows a “more” option?

Thanks! Yeah that’s valuable when it’s only text, but what I am working on is

  1. Title - Subtitle - Intro
  2. Image - Header - Alinea 1 - Alinea 2
  3. Video - Header - Alinea 3 - Alinea 4
  4. Etc

I am looking for a user specific way to do this.

  • Could be maybe done with User Profiles and a button with action increment +1 so only show if that column is not empty ?
  • But can the reader, read an article than again?
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Yes. Agreed. Or an inline choice with 3 options, user specific again?

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Maybe I’m confused on what you are trying to do, but couldn’t you add a user specific column and use a button or action text with the increment action to control visibility of other sections of the article?

Do you have any mock up screenshots, or a similar site that does this?

Hi Jeff, see it as one long story divided in 3. So by clicking next (or something else) on page 1 you unlock page 2 etc.

All of the contents of the story are in one row, correct? I would just add a user specific column to hold an increment value. Then add an action text component, or some other component that has an increment action to increment the user specific column. Then set the visibility of the components in each section based on that increment value.

@Jeff_Hager Thanks, that was the direction I was looking into too! Is there a decrement option as well? In case people want to go back into a story?

increment by -1?


I didnt think that would be an option, but I’ll have a look!

Thanks Ben! Should do the trick!